Major Story

Major Story

No one really knows when exactly Major Makan was born or when he crash landed on Earth. Legend says that he was rocketed from his homeworld by his SuperFoodie parents to discover all the delights of the universe, starting with Earth.

The infant Major Makan crash-landed on Earth, where he was raised as a human by his adoptive single father. When he came of age, he discovered that Earth's environment activated his incredible powers, which he has since used as the World's Greatest Eater.

Inheriting his biological parents' great taste for food, Major Makan has since dedicated his life to become the perfect palate for good food. Traveling all over the world, Major Makan secretly studied under numerous chefs and competitive eaters in becoming The World's Greatest Foodie.

Now in Malaysia, he has found inspiration in the colours of his favorite online grocer, BigBox Asia. Taking up the mantle of Major Makan, with his favorite weapons of choice, the Table Spoon and Sharp Fork, the Major has sworn to defend the love of good food for all mankind.

With his superpower of sensing good food and creating cravings for those around him, look out for Major Makan at popular gastronomical locations. Who knows, perhaps you could even figure out his alter ego...

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